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Many will openly admit to a crush on stylish footwear, while some prefer to keep it a secret.  Shoes, fashion & people, those are our passions. We love to make women smile with beautiful shoes!


Crush Footwear is a shoe boutique with three Washington locations in the beautiful towns of Kirkland, Edmonds, and Snohomish.  We are also an online retailer, carrying a unique selection of women's footwear, bags and accessories.   What makes us different? 

Our international relationships with hard-to-find and emerging designers as well as traditional craftsmen.  We search the world to bring in unique designs with superior craftsmanship.


Crush Footwear is the evolution of a dream. The concept of our online shoe store was conceived while sailing in the beautiful waters of Canada's rugged and stunning West coast. Steeped in nature, and soaking up a gorgeous Summer with green forests, waterfalls, and blue/green ocean, we dreamed of a new passion.

We search the world for style and quality to bring you beautiful shoes by hard-to-find and emerging footwear designers.  Our shoes are made of the best materials and quality craftsmanship.

Crush Footwear aims to be your favorite shoe store with footwear to compliment your own sense of style beyond the big brand names and trends of the season. If you love shoes that express the creative passion of talented and artistic footwear designers, Crush Footwear will not disappoint!