Coclico in the Spotlight

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Coclico is a French word for a poppy flower. What a fitting name for this label from French designer, Sandra Canselier, and American designer, Lisa Nading. Their footwear stands out from the crowd with their artful, elegant and consciously made designs. Coclico designs are a modern minimalism style with traditional quality. This is why Coclico uses locally sourced materials like wood and cork for the soles and leather for the body. What a great way to be eco-friendly and deliver a product that will last a long, long time, if not forever.


It is no wonder the company won the Global Award for Sustainable footwear brand in 2013 (also known as the SOURCE award). Designed in New York and produced by a family run business on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca, Spain. Since this is a smaller scale producer our buyer has the privilege to get styles that can only be found at Crush footwear. We have some in stock so come on down and fall in love with your own pair of eco-friendly and exquisite Coclicos!


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