How to wear the Audley Hania?

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This color block pump by Audley is made of the finest Spanish leathers and embodies a classy look with a splash of fun. The color block trend is new and fresh this season. New trends can seem a little daunting to the average woman but this trend is easier to wear than you might think.

So again you must be thinking how do I pull off this shoe with three different and contrasting colors? That is the beauty of it!  You can wear almost anything with it.  It is almost like buying three different colored fabulous pumps for the price of one!

The colors on the Hania are neutral so you are bound to have at least one, if not all the colors in your wardrobe. Pick one color of the shoe and play up that one color. Every woman has a little black dress in their closet. Slip that on with your Audley Hania and you are good to go. 



Now a step up is adding the contrasting colors as accessories. This could be a belt, a bag, or jewelry. Another great way is wearing a black and white outfit with the tan or gold accessories. Or mix up the two colors you highlight.


If you think you can master these simpler ways then step it up by wearing a pattern that has one of the colors. Trust me; you will not go out the door looking ridiculous! Rather the opposite will happen. You will look polished and sassy and ready to take on the day. Lastly, you can wear these Audley block color shoes with dresses, skirts, or pants.


Personally, I love these shoes. They are trendy and fashion forward with a refined style all its own.  Go out and wear those color block shoes!  Have fun experimenting and remember the best outfit is accessorized with a gorgeous smile!  The Audley Hania is currently on sale at Crush Footwear in Kirkland. 



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