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 "I always try to avoid being a fashion victim, in the sense of what’s fast and ephemeral. The fashion schedules we face nowadays give us designers no time to think deeply about what we can give, show and express. I always try to go back to basics, in the sense of the elegant simplicity of the classics."

-- Luciniana Rios Benso

Luciana Rios Benso
Luciniana Rios Benso is a young Argentinian designer not yet discovered by American shoe aficionados.  Rhonda found her through a fashion blog and - smitten - pursued her crush!

Rios Benso works from her studio in Buenos Aires and sales direct from her boutique on the Rue des Artisans.  When Rhonda tracked her down, and shared her business philosophy, Lu was excited about the opportunity to be a part of it. Due to the long lead time inherent in filling an order with hand-made product, Lu sent Rhonda stock from the shelves of her own boutique to get the relationship going.  A little bit of Buenos Aires graced the windows of Kirkland Crush when the doors first opened. The style played to rave reviews.

Rios Benso Armonia
Rios Benso shoes are  exquisite, hand-crafted and 100% leather from lining to sole.  They're made in small batches; an order we place will take six-weeks to construct, with international transport increasing the time to our store. But we are committed to bringing this exceptionally beautiful and comfortable footwear to our customers. Find a style you like and if we need to order your size, we will. Because we deal directly with the designer, our prices are well below what you might expect to pay for fashion of equal quality.

Watch our spring collection for more Rios Benso styles. You might get a crush on one of them.

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